New floors are a big investment, no matter what material you go with. Tile floors are a popular choice because they’re beautiful, less expensive than some options, and easy to clean. However, your tile can sometimes take an unnecessary beating from improper cleaning techniques and other bad habits. It’s important to know how to do External link opens in new tab or windowproper tile floor cleaning in Decatur, IL, so that you don’t inadvertently damage your floor. Here are some habits you need to avoid.

Spill on tile floor under kid feet Sweeping Mistakes

There are a couple different sweeping mistakes you could be making that are causing damage to your tile floor. First off, you may not be sweeping enough. Dirt on the floor isn’t really a big deal if no one ever walked on the floor. However, floors see a lot of traffic, and leaving tiny particles on the floor allows them to get dragged across the tile, which can cause minor scratches and end up showing a lot of wear.


The second mistake you may be making is sweeping up dirt and other abrasive particles. Sweeping up sand or glass also causes scratches that create a scuffed look. It’s best to use a vacuum attachment instead and suck up as much of the debris you can, as long as you don’t drag the attachment across the floor.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia or any abrasive powders can also damage tile. Not only can these harsh cleaners discolor the grout, but they will eventually destroy the seal on your floor so that the tile becomes dull and exposed to everything. Your floor can get by with a damp mopping every month or so with a mild detergent. Trust the deep grout and tile cleaning to a professional floor cleaning service as needed.

Using Colored Cleaners

Many all-purpose cleaners are mild enough to use on tile; however, if they contain dyes, it’s a good idea to stay away from them. The grout easily absorbs these colors and even the tile will eventually start to absorb some of the dye and change the color of your floor.

Scrubbing tile floors with brush Forgetting to Clean Spills

It’s important to make sure your tile is sealed properly so that it’s protected from wear and tear, but it also helps the tile resist staining from spills. But even if you do get your tile sealed regularly, it’s important to be vigilant about cleaning up spills. Acidic substances or spills with deep color can stain the grout and any tile with worn seal. The spill may also cause etching in your tile.

Ignoring Damage

It’s important to pay attention to any damaged areas because of the danger of water penetration. When water penetrates the tiles, the grout will crack and cause the tiles to loosen because the backing is compromised. If you notice areas of missing caulk or damage to the tiles or grout, be sure to get it repaired quickly.

Using Abrasive Tools

Avoid using abrasive tools like a vacuum beater brush or steel wool. These tools can cause nicks and chips in the tile and destroy the finish. Using harsh tools may achieve your goal of removing stubborn grime, but in most cases it will end in damaged tile that pits and then stains more easily. It’s best to hire professional External link opens in new tab or windowfloor cleaning in Decatur, IL, to clean excessively dirty tile rather than risk damaging your floor. To learn more about these services, contact The Floor Show today.