Any business owner should strive to have a clean workplace. But that means a lot more than just cleaning the bathrooms and emptying the garbage cans. Places of business should receive specialized, in-depth care to maintain their cleanliness, and that includes regular floor cleaning. If you haven’t been working with a External link opens in new tab or windowfloor cleaning company in Champaign, IL, to clean your business, those dirty floors may actually be hurting your business. Keep reading to find out how.

Reduced Employee Productivity

No, your dirty floors aren’t going to distract your employees or actively sabotage their productivity. But they do reduce your employees’ productivity in a couple of more subtle ways. One way that dirty floors will reduce employee activity is by increasing the rate of employee illness. A clean workplace stops the spread of germs, and that includes cleaning the floors. Germs can congregate on the floor and be stirred up as people walk by, promoting the spread of illness in your workplace.

The more often your employees get sick, the more sick days they’re going to take. This significantly decreases the productivity in your office. Even if they don’t call in sick (which they really, really should), they’re going to be much less productive if they’re not feeling well.

Additionally, dirty floors contribute to a poor work environment, and poor work environments decrease employee morale. Low morale in the office is always associated with low productivity. So, by simply cleaning the floors, you’ll be stopping this chain of events by providing your employees with a clean and healthy work environment.

Shortened Flooring Life Span

All flooring needs to be replaced eventually, regardless of what it’s made of. But a dirty floor is always going to have a shorter life span than a clean one. Accumulated dirt will stain carpets, scratch hardwood, and make other hard surfaces grimy, which will mean you have to replace them much sooner than you would have had to do if you’d kept them clean. While professional floor cleaning does come with a price tag, it’s a lot lower than having to replace your floors every few years.

Negative Perception of Your Business

Business owners should always be concerned about their brand’s image and how they’re perceived in the general marketplace. Odds are, your employees aren’t the only ones who step inside your place of business. You have customers, suppliers, and perhaps even potential investors and partners coming into your office and dirty floors create a negative impression on all of them.

If people perceive your place of business as dirty or poorly maintained, they’re going to be a lot less likely to do business with you. How long would you want to stay in a store that felt like it hadn’t been cleaned in some time? After all, if the business owner can’t be bothered to clean their floors, what other corners are they cutting?

If your business’s floors could use a little extra attention, look for a External link opens in new tab or windowhardwood floor cleaning service in Champaign, IL. At The Floor Show, we have ample experience in dealing with the unique needs of commercial flooring. Give us a call today to get a quote on our cleaning services.