The day-to-day care of tile flooring is relatively simple. You sweep and mop, so the floors are clean, right? While this may be true for the daily needs of homes and low-traffic areas of a business, it doesn’t encompass the deeper cleaning that all tile floors will need now and then and that businesses should be getting regularly. Keep reading to learn why you should invest in professional commercial or External link opens in new tab or windowresidential floor cleaning services in Urbana, IL, for your tile floors.

Tile floor grout For Homeowners

Yes, sweeping and mopping your tile flooring is sufficient for your daily and weekly cleaning needs. But those tasks alone don’t give your tile the deeper cleaning it needs to look its best. And, mopping doesn’t sanitize those floors quite as well as you might hope.

Have you ever looked at the grout between your tiles? Is the color of the grout the same in the middle of your floor as it is up against the wall or under the edge of your kitchen cabinets? Unless your tile flooring is relatively new, odds are that you’ll be able to notice a color difference. This is because sweeping and mopping don’t clean those grout lines very well; in fact, mopping tends to deposit dirty water in these lines, causing them to darken gradually.

Professional tile cleaning gets those grout lines clean and lifts out any dirt that may have settled between your tiles. By the time the job is done, the grout will likely be several shades lighter. You may even feel like you have brand-new floors after you get your tile professionally cleaned!

While you may not need professional tile cleaning every week, it’s something worth investing in upon occasion. Just as you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, you should consider doing the same for your tile flooring.

Clean tile floor For Business Owners

Business owners have a different set of needs from homeowners because your flooring experiences a great deal more traffic. This means that you should be investing in professional cleaning much more frequently; in fact, it should be your go-to floor cleaning method. While you may be fine to sweep and mop for daily cleaning (depending on how much foot traffic the area gets), you should have a professional clean those tiles every week.

Because the general public uses your space, aesthetics and sanitization are even more important for your business than they are for your home. Tiles have a somewhat porous structure, as does the grout between them, which means germs can easily accumulate in those pores. Professional cleaning cleans those tiles on a much deeper level than a mop can, leaving your tiles both beautiful and germ-free.

For Everyone

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, saving money probably matters to you. Failing to clean your flooring properly—be it tile, carpet, or another material—causes the flooring to wear out more quickly, which means you’ll be buying new floors sooner than you planned. This is a huge expense for anyone. Investing in professional floor cleaning services protects your floors so that they last longer, saving you money in the long run.

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