Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable but will only remain soon if they’re properly cleaned and cared for. If you’ve never had hardwood floors in your home before now, you might be uncertain about the proper way to clean them. Keep reading to learn more about common misconceptions regarding hardwood floor cleaning in Urbana, IL.

You Can Mop Hardwood

Most hard flooring, such as tile and linoleum, are easily cleaned with a mop and a bucket of diluted cleaner. So, many first-time owners of hardwood flooring thing that hardwood can be mopped as well. This is absolutely not true. Wood and water do not mix. Instinctively, you know this; it’s why you use a coaster on your wood coffee table. But the habit of mopping hard floors in your home may sometimes override this instinct, and that can lead to serious damage.

Mopping hardwood, even with a damp mop, can lead to warping, swelling, and other issues. In fact, it’s such a major no-no that mopping your floors can actually void any warranty you have on them. Just don’t do it! Instead, use a spray cleaner to lightly mist the floors, then use a dry mop to finish up.

You Can Vacuum Hardwood

Some vacuums are designed so that you can use them on hard surfaces. This is extremely convenient if you’re someone who hates sweeping. However, if you have hardwood in your home now, stop that vacuum before you move from your carpet to the hardwood! The beater bar (that roller with all the bristles on it) can seriously scratch up your beautiful floors. If you really want to vacuum your floors, you can do so by purchasing a hardwood floor attachment or getting a vacuum that is designed for use on hardwood.

Otherwise, it is best to simply sweep your hardwood floors with a soft-bristled brush every day. This will keep them clean and prevent any damage to the finish.

You Can Use Any Cleaner

When you’re misting and dry mopping your floors, you might think that any cleaner will do. That’s just not true for hardwood flooring. Ammonia-based cleaners can ruin the color of your floors. Oil-based cleaners leave a milky residue on hardwood, which can lead to discoloration. Many people also think that a combination of vinegar and water is acceptable, as it’s natural and gentle. But this combination can dull or damage the hardwood over time.

Check your manufacturer’s approved cleaners and use something from their list if you want to avoid these issues and keep any warranty you have intact. If you don’t know the manufacturer, speak to one of our flooring experts to get recommendations on which cleaners to use for your hardwood.

Proper cleaning and care is the best way to keep your floors looking beautiful for decades, but hardwood does require a bit of extra work. If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking like new without putting in the extra time and effort, consider hiring professional floor cleaning in Decatur, IL. At The Floor Show, we know just how to care for hardwood flooring to keep your floors in pristine condition. Give us a call to get a quote or schedule your cleaning today.