Hardwood floors are an enduring and gorgeous addition to any home, but they aren't without their worries. A External link opens in new tab or windowwood floor cleaning service in Urbana, IL, can help restore your hardwood floors to their previous luster, but there are some things you can do yourself. Discover ways that you can keep your hardwood floors looking great this summer!

Hand on hardwood floors 1. Vacuum

Mopping is certainly the best way to remove dirt from your hardwood flooring, but this isn't enough to ensure that they remain clean. Use a vacuum to clear away the dust that tends to settle between the boards. When you do vacuum, be sure that you're using an attachment designed for hardwood floors or the setting on your vacuum for hardwood flooring. This prevents your vacuum from damaging your floors.

2. Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight tends to fade hardwood floors over time. This obviously won't be evident right away. Unfortunately, by the time it is easy to see, it'll be too late to prevent it from happening. Luckily, this is pretty easy to manage. Simply close your blinds or curtain whenever you can. This stops discoloration, or at least slows it down significantly.

3. Cleaning

Using the wrong cleaner could do irreparable damage to your hardwood floors. Always ensure that you're only using cleaning products that are specifically formulated for use on hardwood floors. If you use anything else, you're taking a chance. Natural cleaners tend to be preferred. Avoid using detergents, wax-based cleaners, or vinegar. Vinegar can have an oxidizing effect with prolonged use. Additionally, try to not use too much water. Water tends to add moisture, which may be absorbed by the wood.

4. Prevent Moisture

As you know, wood is porous and a naturally absorbent material. This means you have to take special care when it comes to humidity and moisture. Ideally, the temperature should be fairly constant. Humidity need to remain around 35-55%. If you notice the boards beginning to swell, you should contact a professional immediately. Don't wait until the issue gets even worse.

Pointing to damage on hardwood stairs 5. Protection

Day-to-day protection is the surest way to keep your floors looking gorgeous for many years to come. Have everyone take off their shoes before they walk on your floors and have felt covers on all of the feet of your chairs. The same should be done with all of your furniture. Couches and tables can scratch the wood as well. Change these felts protectors once they gotten dirty. Regular cleaning and vacuuming is recommended as well. If you have pets, trim their nails regularly. As long as you're consistent with taking precautions, you shouldn't encounter many issues.

6. Professional Help

Even with great care and attention, hardwood floors still age and get worn over time. A professional cleaning is an excellent option if you want your floors to truly shine and look their best this summer. Professional cleaners are even trained to spot damage and give you advice on any needed repairs or maintenance. If you want to get your floors in spectacular condition and avoid potential headaches, professional assistance is a great option.


A professional External link opens in new tab or windowhardwood floor cleaning service in Urbana, IL, can be be far more valuable and helpful than you might think. If you want to preserve you hardwood floors and keep them looking their best, it's a fantastic investment. Contact The Floor Show at (217) 254-3161 if you have any questions or would like skilled help with your hardwood flooring.