When you first install new carpeting in your home, it has a beautiful and luxurious look. But that new carpeting look quickly fades given all the wear and the dirt that gets tracked over the carpeting. Over time even with consistent vacuuming, carpeting in a home fills with not just dirt and dust but also allergens, dead skin cells, and even insect feces that most vacuums can’t pull out of carpeting.

As dirt settles into the carpeting, it builds up in layers. When carpeting begins to look dirty, you see the top layer of the dirt and debris. There are other layers of dirt that actually are ground into the fibers of the carpet strands. It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned once a year to get all this dirt out. Regular carpet cleaning will help maintain clean, comfortable, and sanitary carpeting. And by removing the dirt and debris that acts as an abrasive within the carpet, you will extend the overall life of the carpeting.

Different Cleaning Methods

When looking for carpet cleaning services in Decatur, IL, there are several different carpet cleaning methods from which you can choose.

  1. Hot water extraction. This method is also known as steam cleaning. A cleaning agent is used with a machine to agitate and then lift dirt, microbes, and stains. The equipment applies hot water at high pressure to the carpet and simultaneously pulls the dirty water from the carpet. This is followed by rinsing the carpet and allowing it to dry over a few hours.
  2. Dry cleaning. The advantage is there is no drying time. This method involves a dry compound that is spread over the carpeting. As the compound sinks down into the carpet, it attaches to the dirt, microbes, and stains. Then the carpeting is vacuumed with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.
  3. Bonnet Cleaning. This is for surface cleaning only. So, if you simply want to improve the look of your carpeting, this is a good method. Bonnet cleaning removes dirt, microbes, and stains from only the top layer of the carpet. A machine with rotating head disperses detergent and then vacuums up dirt and debris as it cleans.
  4. Shampooing. For years this is how carpeting was professionally cleaned. The problem was there was a lengthy drying time, and some of the chemicals from the shampoo stayed in the carpeting. As new equipment and methods were developed, shampooing fell out of favor. So, as you interview carpet cleaners, don’t hire someone who is using this older, out-of-date method.

pH Factor

Different carpet fibers are sensitive to different cleaning solutions. For this reason, the cleaning agent must have a neutral pH solution. If the cleaning solution is too acidic or too alkaline, it can change the fiber color and dyes in the carpet, leaving you with a different looking carpet. Carpets made from stain-resistant nylon or silk are sensitive to alkali and should be cleaned with a neutral pH solution. However, synthetic nylon, polyester, and acrylic fibers can tolerate moderate alkalinity. As you interview potential carpet cleaning companies, ask them about the pH solution in their cleaning solutions.

Stain Protectants

After your carpeting has been cleaned, ask the carpet cleaning company about sealing the carpeting with a clear stain protectant. Although most carpets nowadays are made with stain-resistant fibers, the stain-resistant treatment wears down over time. A new stain protectant can be applied, which will keep your carpeting looking its best.

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