In both residential and commercial buildings, keeping the floors properly cleaned is an important step to prevent the spreading of illnesses and germs. Read on to learn the best ways to prevent the spread of illness and ensure proper tile and External link opens in new tab or windowhardwood floor cleaning in Champaign, IL.

Mopping dirty tile floors
Why Clean Floor Are Essential for Good Health

While people often think of floor cleaning as being something you do in order to improve the appearance and appeal of a space, it is also an important way to improve health and decrease the spread of germs and illness. Just because you don’t often touch the floor with your hands doesn’t mean it isn’t a potential hotspot of illness-causing bacteria or viruses.


Cross-contamination can be a big problem if floors aren’t properly cleaned. Germs may be brought into buildings on people’s shoes or may come from people sneezing or coughing in the area, and then they are tracked out on shoes, wheelchair wheels, dropped belongings, bags that are set down, the bottoms of canes or walkers, or in many other ways. Those now-contaminated surfaces and objects then go on to touch other surfaces in cars, homes, other buildings, and more.


If you just think of one child walking through a grocery store and picking up bacteria on her shoes, she may then touch those shoes on her seat and floor in the car, the skin of her big brother, many various surfaces inside of her home, and more. Keeping floors clean inside homes and commercial spaces is important for the health of everyone involved.

Man cleaning hardwood floors with rag How to Clean Hardwood Floors

The best thing you can do to keep your floors clean and germ-free is to start at a base level of cleanliness. A professional cleaning is the best way to get this done, allowing you to do more maintenance cleaning and illness prevention.


Regular sweeping and mopping are the obvious places to start in order to keep your wood floors clean, but being smart about your choices will elevate your healthy cleaning game. Start by vacuuming, dusting, or sweeping the floors to remove dust and large debris. Next, a damp mop and a cleaning solution specifically designed to disinfect and protect your hardwood should be used. Using distilled water is a great way to protect your wood floors in the long run.


Clean with small batches at a time, since rinsing your mop in dirty water just spreads the germs around rather than getting rid of them. Wash your microfiber mops in hot water to kill germs between cleanings.

How to Clean Tile Floors

Tile floors are more durable and can withstand harsher chemicals that kill germs more effectively. Homemade disinfecting solutions or cleaning solutions bought at the store can both be effective, but it is important to remember not to dunk your mop back into dirty water in order to prevent recontamination of your floors.

Going Beyond Good Floor-Cleaning Habits

While it is important to keep up with the cleaning of your tile and wood flooring to prevent the spread of germs and illness, a true deep clean is best achieved by the professionals. To book hardwood or External link opens in new tab or windowtile floor cleaning in Champaign, IL, call 217-254-3161 and talk to the pros at The Floor Show, Inc.