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Micro Ban Clean Carpet Sanitizer and Detergent

Smell the Freshness
Water, humidity and everday usage of carpets can be an invitation to microscopic bacteria and fungi that can become an invisible source of rancid odors.

Now, you can restore your customers’ "new home" freshness with Microban Clean Carpet Sanitizer. Microban CCS has an active ingredient that neutralizes, reduces and controls the growth of microbial bacteria and fungi.

EPA approved
Ten years in development, the exclusive Microban CCS formula has been tested for safety and efficacy and has been granted EPA registration #70263-7. The Microban CCS formula and process is patent pending.

Microban CCS kills hundreds of different strains of odor causing bacteria and mold to improve indoor air quality and maintain new home freshness.

Protects against odor-causing bacteria and fungi for a whole year.

How It Works
Microban CCS contains three anionic biocidal agents directed at odor causing bacteria and fungi such as aspergillus and penicillin. Microban's technology has been tested in thousands of facilities and is now available for use in residential settings.

Microban CCS also contains odor counteractants to neutralize unpleasant malodors.

Microban CCS is not a topical application that is sprayed on; a specialized procedure is used to apply it deep within the fibers of carpets. Carpet fibers are softer, more luxurious and longer lasting after being cleaned and sanitized with Microban CCS. And best of all, your customers can experience new home freshness everyday with the knowledge that they have the cleanest carpets possible.

“Cleaner Than Clean”™
Many situations demand a level of "clean" beyond traditional carpet cleaning methods. Before Microban processes were developed for the home, this level of clean was reserved for large institutions including day-care centers, gyms and spas, and healthcare facilities. Now, with a special residential application process, you can restore "new home freshness" and rid the home of odor-causing micro-organisms.

The situations under which Microban CCS is especially needed include:

Pre-Owned carpet. Cleans, sanitizes and restores “new” freshness to previously owned carpets.
Carpeting as a play and relaxation surface. Provides peace-of-mind where the family plays and relaxes.
Freshness. Eliminates odors for general sense of new home freshness.

Light soiling extraction: Thoroughly vacuum carpet. Mix 1 ounce of CCS per gallon of water and extract.

Restoration cleaning following water damage: Mix 2 ounces of CCS per gallon.

NOTE: Test fibers for colorfastness before use.

Use pH: 9 - 10 at 1 ounce/gallon

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